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060. International Education Policy and Governance





June 10 - June 14, 2013







Geneva Summer Schools at the University of Geneva is please to announce a new summer school in International and Comparative Education Policy and Governance.


The program is designed for graduate students and future policy-makers interested in thinking more critically about issues of globalization and education and in incorporating international, comparative and intercultural perspectives into their analysis of education, curriculum and pedagogy. The program will also prepare students and researchers for a variety of careers in the public or private sector and will include meetings and discussions with professionals from a wide range of education professions in Geneva and internationally. Interaction with NGOs and IOs (UNESCO, World Bank, among others) is an important part of the curriculum. The program will promote interdisciplinary cooperation both in research and in teaching and will bring together scholars, experts and students from around the world.


In order to work effectively within the context of global economic, political and cultural influences on schooling and education, practitioners are required to possess certain skills and practical knowledge. They must be aware of global trends and issues in the field of education. They must develop critical thinking about the roles and approaches of international and comparative education. They need a deep understanding of the outcomes of contemporary educational research. The program will provide these necessary tools, experiences, understandings, and related competencies. With its strong emphasis on theory, the program will serve as an excellent preparation for students interested in further research or careers in international education. Upon successful completion of the program, 6 ECTS credits and a Certificate will be provided.

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